The Little Snail

After years of walking past The Little Snail, finally got to try it on Sunday Night! Little Snail is a french restaurant located just across the Pyrmont Bridge, on the west side of darling harbour. I haven't really had much french food, the exception being a week spent in France back when I was 12, so this was kinda new and interesting to me. The restaurant layout was pretty cool- two levels in a circular building. It was quite crowded- my other friend tried to get a booking for 4 two weeks ago and was unable to.
View from inside restaurant


Cute Snail pot; outside the restaurant.
We all ordered the 3 course menu for $59. A la carte is available, but we thought it wasn't really worth it considering the price of a single main. There's quite a wide range of choice for entree, mains and desserts. For entrees, we got to choose stuff like escargot, salmon, mushroom crepes, etc. I went with the salmon roulade. It's basically cream cheese wrapped in smoked salmon with a passionfruit dressing. I quite enjoyed it. I was also feeling extra adventurous, so I tried an escargot from my mum, which I thought tasted a bit like a cross between a clam and chicken. Interesting...
Salmon Roulade
Escargots de Bourgogne
For mains, there was a choice of a lot of types of meat- beef, veal, kangaroo or lamb. I went with the chilli prawns and basil linguine (again). Not sure if that's actually French... But it was good. Prawns were nice and big, sauce wasn't too bland and the basil gave it a nice touch. 
Chilli Prawns and Basil Linguine

 For dessert, I spent a while deciding between the banana and liquer crepe and sticky date. When it was time to order, I hadn't made up my mind, but the waiter recommended the crepe, so I went with that. Crepe was good- perhaps a bit too little banana and too much cream though. All in all, a really satisfying meal.
Banana and Liquer Crepe
Belgian Chocolate Gateau

Location: 50 Murray St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

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  1. ohh~~ I got to try the salmon roulade too! that was .... wait ... that blew me out of my mind too! HAHAHA!
    loved it, but being at the little snail ... escargots was definetly the dish to try! haha!

    - Cassie