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So happy that assessments are over for the term- finished them off with 4u maths today. Two weeks of holidays and then back into full blown assessment period again. :( We're halfway through Year 12 and wow, it's gone by so quickly. In 6 months, we'll be doing our HSC! :/

On the weekend, instead of studying for maths (kinda regret it now), we left the north shore and trekked it all the way to Parramatta for lunch, as my uncle from Indonesia was visiting and requested that we eat at this restaurant.

The place is called Pho Pasteur, and it's just outside the westfield. It was pretty easy to find, even for me who's only been to Parramatta like twice. It was actually really crowded- we got there at almost 2pm and the restaurant was full! There was 7 of us- my parents, 4 relatives and I, but we all got put on a small, corner table that only sat around 4 people and was way too squishy. We struggled a lot to fit plates on the table and had to do a lot of dish stacking.

Chicken Pho. $11.50 (small)

Vermicilli (Sugar Cane Prawns, Spring Rolls)

We got quite a bit of food, since Indonesian people love their food. The spring rolls were too oily for my liking. I ordered a chicken pho- which is what I normally order since I'm not a fan of beef. There was quite a generous amount of bean sprouts and lemon, and the soup was really good. The chicken was too fatty though. I got the small one, which was definitely more than enough- couldn't finish it. The large is only $2 more though.

Service was average- we had to ask for more tea a couple times before it came, which was annoying.

Reccomend me some other good Vietnamese places! I've only been to a couple in Bankstown, Flemington and Chatswood.

Location: 137 Church St, Parramatta

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