I've always wanted to try out some of the millions of restaurants in Glebe, and finally, I had a chance yesterday as we were going to a Good Friday church service nearby. :D After doing a fair bit of googling and review reading, we settled on an Italian restaurant, Pastabella, which seemed to have reasonable prices and good pasta. To get there, we caught a train to central and then it was just a 5 minute bus ride from railway square to right across the restaurant.
We had a really early dinner, around 5.30, and the restaurant was still quite empty and seemed rather dark, so we decided to sit outside. It was a really nice, sunny, but not too hot day.

 After much indecision and mind changing, I settled on spinach and cheese filled ravioli with chilli prawn sauce (my usual favourite) and my friend picked fettucine carbonara, which the waiter said was the most popular dish. The food came really fast, within 10 minutes, but probably because we were the only customers at that point in time.
My ravioli was aaaamazing. They gave me a generous amount of prawns and portions were large too, but I guess for $26 you'd expect a fair serving. It was a bit too oily though.

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with chilli prawn sauce ($26)
I'm usually not a fan of carbonara, because I find it too creamy and rich, but this one actually exceeded my expectations! 
Fettucine Carbonara ($18)
I also liked how they didn't charge us extra for the public holiday! :P

Location: 89 Glebe Point Road, NSW 2037

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Happy Easter everyone!

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