Sorry for the lack of posting lately! Got my wisdom teeth removed and I haven't really been able to eat properly yet.

I thought I'd post about Aria, since I visited there a couple months ago. My friend and I had been looking for an excuse to visit Aria for a while, and when his cousin came visiting from the USA, we decided that it was the perfect occasion to show her one of Sydney's famous restaurants. Unfortunately, this did not go well, as the day we were to visit, she got lost in the city and didn't have a mobile phone, causing us to completely miss our booking and having to eat somewhere else!

The next week, I saw that Aria was part of the Sydney Festivals 'Fast Festival Feasts' and that we could get the two course menu for just $55 including a glass of wine! (Usually $72 for just the meal) I immediately called up some friends and the next week we were at Aria!

Aria is located just across the Opera house, and you enter via Macquarie Street. The view is lovely, but in order to get a window seat, your party has to be 4 people or less. It is co-owned by chefs Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan. We visited on a Friday, for lunch, but the restaurant was completely full. The inside was quite dark, and it was a little noisy due to the amount of people dining. The service was pretty good considering the amount of people that were in the restaurant.

For the entree, I picked the Pork Belly. The portion was huge- after finishing the entree I could barely even start the main! The pork belly was really good, I LOVED it, but a big problem I find with pork belly is that it tends to stick to your teeth after eating. I particularly liked the pork croquette though. I've never tried muntries before, but I thought they gave the dish a really unique taste- they're like these Australian berry things.
Kurobuta Pork Belly with a pork croquette, muntries and star anise

 For the main, I got the salmon. I'm not a fan of beef as mentioned before, so the salmon looked like the best option.  The portion was very generous again, but I didn't find anything special about it. It was overly crispy and salty.

Unfortunately, we couldn't order any dessert as we were all way too full by the time we finished our mains.

Seared fillet of king salmon with white asparagus, herb farfalle and pine nuts

It was a good meal, I'm definitely glad we tried it. I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon, but that's purely because I can't afford it, especially without the big discount we got from the Sydney Festival.

View from our non-window table

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