N2 Extreme Gelato

The first I heard of N2 was last year, in november, in a timeout sydney magazine. The magazine gave great reviews on the shop, and I came here with high expectations, especially after hearing all my friends talk about how good the gelato was, but sadly, was disappointed. We were there around 8 pm on a Saturday night, and surprisingly the shop was completely empty, so luckily we didn't have to queue up for too long. However, once we ordered, the shop quickly filled up.

The flavour range was really interesting- they were all easter themed since it was the easter long weekend. They ranged from 'the passion of the christ' (chocolate and passionfruit) to 'salted jesus juice' (salted cola and red wine). I'm not really a chocolate kind of person (:O), so I went for something safe- lemon lime bitters. The process of making the ice cream was really really cool, and the service was pretty fast (5 mins)- we were the first in line.
First taste of N2 was disappointing- it was way too sour, and the texture was just really weird. In the end I had to give it to my dad to finish.

Lemon Lime Bitters ($6)
It's a really cool place to visit for the novelty, but now that I've been there I don't think I'll be going back.
Location: 43/1 Dixon St, Sydney, NSW 2000

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