Two Good Eggs (and a day spent wandering around the city)

First Chinese assessment yesterday! On the bright side, after it was over, Georgia and I got to spend a lovely day wandering around the city, getting lost, exploring, lying in a park doing maths, sleeping and doing taekwondo (okay, that was just me).

Lunch took forever to find. We walked for nearly 40 minutes, looking for a nice looking cafe, following trip adviser to a few closed places and FINALLY, in a quieter part of surry hills, found two good eggs cafe! It's nestled back from the main part of surry hills, a bit hard to find for us noobs. 

The cafe is pretty small, typical cafe size, raised slightly above ground. Inside, there are a lot of cute looking decoration things. The waitress was really nice and friendly, and we found out she used to go to our school! When we first came, it was still early, so the cafe was quite empty, but it quickly filled up. We ordered two things to share, a bacon and egg burger and a chicken and avo sourdough sandwich. Chips was an extra $4 with the sandwich, but we thought, how often do we get to have lunch outside, so we went for it. :D Ended up being a tad pricey though- $16.90. I really liked the sandwich, but I thought it'd be better with a bit less bacon, or maybe it was just because we had two bacon filled sandwich things. Also ordered my favourite Chai Latte- I'm just not a coffee kind of person. I thought it was pretty reasonably priced, $4 for a whole pot (and a little chocolate wafer), but it was a bit too watery.

Overall, definitely a cute and pleasant place to check out if you're in Surrey Hills!
Chai Latte ($4)
Bacon, poached egg, spinach, bbq aioli & tomato relish Burger ($10.90)
Chicken breast, avocado, bacon and aioli Sourdough Sandwich and chips ($16.90)

Location: 148 Goulburn St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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