Visited Acacia for a family dinner last Thursday evening. Acacia is a modern fusion Japanese restaurant located in Gordon's GPO building- right next to the station.

Food was good, a tad on the pricey side, but it's included in the Sydney North Entertainment Book as a buy one get one free, so the price was significantly reduced. The main complain was how long the food took to come- just over an hour! However, service was good, a fair few waiters and waitresses for such a small restaurant. The inside is decorated nicely, and the restaurant wasn't too crowded, so the environment was perfect for our little family gathering.

I ordered the udon and sashimi don. I really liked the udon, plain and simple, but delicious. The soup was nice and the noodles just the right texture. Sashimi was pretty good too. I didn't really like the salad though, too little sauce perhaps. The dessert was presented really beautifully, but it was a bit too sweet for my liking. Overall, was quite a pleasant meal, would definitely recommend it for a nice dinner out if your budget suits.

Definitely plan to visit there again to try something else- perhaps the set menu!
Udon (not pictured) and Sashimi don: $23.90
“Daifuku” sticky rice bun with red beans and green tea powder:  $8

Location: 741 Pacific Highway, Gordon, NSW 2072
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