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My older sister turned 20 a few weeks ago, and as a birthday present, due to my uncreativity, I decided to take her out for a meal. We had to wait a while because of the million exams and assessments we both had, but finally, this week we both began holidays. I googled pictures of the place and the view looked amazing, but I may have forgotten that in winter it got dark quite early.... and so booked a dinner... but if you were going here definitely come in the day.

Apologies once again for the crappy iphone quality photos. Definitely getting a new camera in the next few months, before I embark on my Europe/ Asia trip. To get there, you have to go through the Middle Harbour Yacht Club. We got a bit lost as it was really dark and there was a sign pointing in the wrong direction (we found out later we couldn't go that way because they were renovating)

We ordered an entree to share, two entree size mains and two desserts. For the entree, we ordered yamba prawns roasted with garlic and lemon. We got two and a half prawns, which was kinda random.  For mains, I actually ordered a vongole tagliolini, but due to my noobness, when they gave me the wrong thing, I didn't notice until I started eating and it was too late to tell them. So I ended up having a tortellini with something else inside- not quite sure to be honest. It was still good though. The main problem here were the portion sizes. We both ordered entree size mains because that's normally sufficient for us, but here, it was tiny. For $24, we only got 2 tortellini/ ravioli things. I'm not quite sure what the main sizes are like, but they cost somewhere in the low $30's.

Gamberi al Profumo di Limone ($24)

Tortellini ($24)

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and salmon
Dessert however was really good. I ordered an apple strudel, and my sister ordered a tiramisu cannoli. The apple strudel came with a berry sauce thing as well as ice cream.

Apple Strudel ($16)

Tiramisu Cannoli ($16)

The view that would've been lovely in the day

+61 2 9968 2426

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