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I apologise for my web silence over the past month, but the HSC has really been getting to me. It's crazy how time passes and how soon everything is coming. Trials are in a week and a bit and we've now begun the final term of school. ever. It's our 51st term of school.
Anyhow, enough about that. I had my first trial today- Chinese, at Open High School. And though we have a million more exams coming up, we decided to treat ourselves after the trial and check out Bourke Street Bakery. Finally.
Almost there!

We made it...

It's situated along Bourke Street (obviously), and is quite easy to find, though I completely missed it when walking across the road. The shop itself is very small and there's barely any room to move inside, especially because it's so crowded. There are around three tables inside the shop. There are quite a few tables outside which we sat at. I ordered a almond and rhubarb tart and a chicken pie, as well as a chocolate and rasberry tart to bring home. There was an unexpectedly long queue- it was thursday, around 2pm, but hey, it is a popular cafe aye. Service was efficient and quick and the queue dissipated quickly which was good..

Menu/ Inside

I read on another blog that the Rhubarb and almond tart was a must try, so that's what I got. Kinda regret not getting the ginger brulee tart, but will definitely get it next time. The pastry was really good and it was not too sweet. While the tarts were all really good, I found that my favourite thing was the pie. The pastry of the chicken pie was ammazzzzinnnng. And the chicken/ vegetable inside was good too.

Rhubarb and Almond Tart, why so photogenic?

Beef pie, Chocolate Tart, Chicken Pie, Rhubarb and Almond Pie (clockwise from top left)

Rhubarb and Almond Tart ($4.50)

The Inside
Dark Chocolate and Rasberry Tart ($5)

Definitely an awesome place to drop by once in a while- will be back to try other things.... like the ginger brulee tart.

On a slightly unrelated note, definitely going to Norway and England after the HSC is over- booked our plane tickets a couple weeks back. SO EXCITED. :D AND Melbourne the weekend after trials are over! keen to check out the cafes there.
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