Rossini/ Vivid Sydney

Convenient location for a quick dinner before we went to check out vivid. Rossini is located right across one of the wharfs at circular quay. There's normally a short queue to get in inside. The service is efficient and good. Food is pretty good too. Got the usual prawn spaghetti. 

Spaghetti Prawns ($23)

Penne al Pesto al Salmone ($23)

Sicilian Apple Cake ($12.80)

Cannoli filled with Ricotta ($5)

Rossini on Urbanspoon
Open daily 7am- 9.30pm
Tel: 9247 8026

And now photo vomit of vivid!


View of the city
Beware: A million photos of the Opera House coming up next. Okay, not that many. But it was so beautiful.

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