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Got to visit Cafe New York for brunch during the last fleeting days of an all too short holiday, or rather, study break. The cafe located just outside the train station, on the right side of the pedestrian mall when walking from the station. It was previously called Cafe Andronicus. The cafe has two levels. The first level is pretty small and only has a few tables. When we arrived, the waitress immediately directed us upstairs. Stairs are pretty steep and a pretty big effort to get up (especially, or more probably, only for my unfit self) It's really nice and sunny upstairs. The cafe didn't have many waitresses though the restaurant had a fair few customers for a weekday brunch.
First look at the cafe
Steep stairs to the upstairs part of the cafe
Large upstairs section of cafe
Pleasantly sunny

I ordered a chai latte and shared a ham, tomato and cheese croissant and a ricotta, strawberry and banana crepe. The food came in a decent amount of time, probably around 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately, the croissant was very very disappointing. By the time it arrived, it was already quite cold. The pastry was not flaky at all. It was also kinda bland. Luckily, the arrival of the crepe made up for it. The crepe was great, a must try if you visit here. I loved the combination of the ricotta, stawberry and banana. The ricotta ensured that the crepe wasn't too sweet, which made it great. 
Chai Latte ($3.90)

Ricotta, Stawberry and Banana Crepes

Ham, Cheese and Tomato Croissant
 The cafe is in a really convenient location which is good if you're in chatswood and want to enjoy a nice brunch. If I do visit again, I will most certainly not be ordering the croissant. However, I might try some other things and hopefully my impression of the place will be improved. :)
Location: 316 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067
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  1. Aww that feeling when crossiants aren't flakey enough! :(
    - Cassie