The Great Bagel & Coffee Co

Who can resist bagels? Everything about them is so perfeeeect. I had my first bagel experience back in 2009 in New York, when my sister forced the whole family to eat them constantly, and ever since then, I've been in love.

On Saturday, after a stressful morning of SAT testing, I had the rare oppurtunity to go to Macquarie Centre next door for lunch. We immediately decided on bagels for a quick lunch! The cafe is located right outside the Macquarie cinemas. We were there quite early, so the cafe was almost empty. Service was good and efficient and the waiter was really friendly! We ordered a small sized curly fries as the large size seemed huge, and was almost double the price, so we didn't see  the point in ordering it. (small was around $3-$4, large around $7) There's a choice of either chicken or Moroccan salt, and we got Moroccan to try something new. Definitely a must try!

Curly Fries (Small)

For the bagels, I ordered the turkey, cranberry, avocado, brie cheese and cucumber filling, with a cheese bagel outside. You can pick your own filling and choose your own type of bagel- cheese, semame, herbs, blueberry etc. It was really nice, though it was slightly undertoasted. Oh well.
Turkey and Cranberry Cheese Bagel

Crispy Bacon and Avo Sesame Bagel

Egg Mayo and Bacon Bagel Italian Herb Bagel

Location: Shop 444, Macquarie Shopping Centre, Corner Waterloo and Herring Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113 (also in Castle Towers)
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