This is a couple weeks late, but to celebrate the end of trials, my lovely sister brought me out for dinner. I got to pick the restaurant, and decided to check out MoVida, since we hardly ever have Spanish food, and the food here was meant to be amazing. MoVida is originally from Melbourne, but they expanded to Sydney last year. It's in Surry Hills, about a 15 minute walk from central station.
The Bar

 We called a few days earlier to book and only managed to secure a table at 6pm, as for a later time we would have to sit at the bar. We decided to order a few dishes to share. There were so many dishes that looked really good, but unfortunately we only got to try a few. The first thing we wanted was the croquettes. It's called the 'Iberico Jamon Croquetas', and is filled with jamon. It was really crispy and not oily at all, but I'm questioning whether it was worth $4.25 each... They also gave us bread, which we got charged $1 for (we also could have picked not to make this donation), but it went to a charity.

Croquettes ($8.50) + Bread

Patatas Bravas ($13)
From our Spain adventure last year, we remembered the potato brava's being really really yummy, so naturally we decided to order it again. It came with 7 bite size pieces, and was amazing, slightly spicy but not overdoing the chilli. This was probably the highlight of the night. Next, we ordered the codorniz rellenos, which was half a quail filled with chicken liver pate and confit portebello mushrooms.

Codorniz Rellenos ($12.50)

We started off by ordering just one main, the 'pato', which was crispy duck leg braised in moscatel wine and pickled cabbage. I didn't really like the pickled cabbage. The sister was still hungry, so we decided to order another dish, the 'alcachofa', which was artichoke stuffed with salt cod brandade. I haven't had much Spanish food in my life, so it was really interesting to try this.

Pato ($24.50)

Alcachofa ($9.80)
 Obviously, ordering churros was a given to finish off.

Churros (14.50)


The place was good but a bit pricey. The bill came up to around $90 for the two of us, including one glass of sangria. Interesting place to try though!
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